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Well, this is fitting.

Like Minnesota, Florida has a lot of lakes.  Take a look at an aerial photo of central Florida and you will instantly notice the hundreds of lakes that dot the landscape.  However, unlike Minnesota, most of these lakes are almost perfectly rounded, giving the impression that the state has come down with chicken pox.  It’s sort of like an aquatic rash.  This is not the case, as these shapes come from the fact that these “lakes” are not really lakes, but instead just giant sinkholes that have gradually filled up with water.  Due to the low water table here, as well as the fact that the state sits on a giant slab of porous limestone, sink holes are a relatively common feature of the Florida landscape.

Generally the sinkholes/lakes (sinklakes?  lakeholes?) mind their own business and provide venues for residents to boat, swim, and drink endless quantities of Bud Light.  BUT EVERY ONCE IN A WHILE THE SINKHOLES FIGHT BACK*.  When this happens, we get stories like this one, where a sinkhole is actively trying to eat two homes in Windermere, about 5 miles from my office.

While most of the time they are able to stabilize the sinkhole before it does too much damage (my parking garage had a small one open that took several weeks to repair but didn’t do any permanent structural damage), there have been plenty of instances where whole houses have been sucked into the netherworld as some sort of sacrifice to the Mayans. Actually that might not 100% accurate.

Needless to say it is a scary situation that can produce potentially tragic consenquences, like this video.

And you thought the alligators were bad.

*I’m sure someone has pitched this title to Fox before.  or Spike.  Or Versus.


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